Ben’s teaching and guidance have been instrumental to me gaining a place at drama school. Having taken part in amateur dramatics for several years, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in acting. Ben equipped me with vital tools and techniques that I applied in my auditions and workshops, and he provided me with crucial guidance on school selection, the auditioning process and preparation. Just as importantly, Ben provided much-needed reassurance that my efforts were worthwhile, especially after not having secured a place at drama school on my first attempt. Ben’s open and flexible approach really helped me to learn on my own terms and he was always ready to provide insight on anything that cropped up as my applications progressed. Without Ben’s coaching, I feel I wouldn’t have secured a place at drama school. I am now extremely excited to be starting my course in September and I feel confident and ready to take on the challenge ahead.”


“I always knew I wanted to be an actor and as I got older the idea of going to a well established drama school was at the forefront of my mind. For my first year of applying I was new and unsure of the process so I booked Ben for a few one to one sessions and at 18 got on the waiting list for GSA and a recall for drama centre. The following year I was a lot more sure of the process and knew I needed to book Ben again. In just two sessions Ben was able to watch my speeches assess what was missing and what I need to pay more attention to. Ben gave me the confidence to believe in myself. For my second year of applying I was able to get 3 offers: one unconditional from the Oxford School of Drama; an offer from Rose Bruford; and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Ben is a great mentor and a kind soul, passionate and enthusiastic about his work and cares about his students, which makes the sessions fly by.”


“I wanted Ben to be my guide and dramaturg whilst I was auditioning for Drama Schools. We worked together to find an organic process of character development and he made me feel confident every step of the way. It was incredible to see how much progress I had made thanks to Ben’s teaching. This year I received two offers, Italia Conti and East 15 and a waiting list at Drama Centre. I am so proud to say he helped me get to where I am. I am off to East 15 this September thanks to Ben’s guidance and motivation. Ben is a selfless individual who did everything in his power to give me the best chance of gaining a place. I will forever thank him for his wise words and his complete dedication to helping others succeed.”


“I came to see Ben after 2 unsuccessful years of auditioning for drama schools. What I wanted was someone who would give me confidence in my technique, my preparation, to show me the things that I was doing right, and help me to notice the things that needed improvement. Ben has given me all this and much more.

I cannot thank Ben enough for his support through my auditions for drama school this year. He delivers absolute unrelenting passion, energy and enthusiasm for his art, which I am confident to say has rubbed off on me. 

I can honestly say that I have learned more about acting from Ben in the last few months than I have from any other teacher. He is able to answer any of my questions, no matter how silly or unimportant they may seem to me, and breaks things down in a way that is tangible and understandable. Whenever I have any sort of burning question to ask, any time, I know that I can just ask and he will be there with an answer. I have picked up so many bits and bobs of acting and theatre wisdom from him and I am truly grateful for everything he has shown me.

Thanks to Ben’s help, support and encouragement, I got places to train in acting at both East 15 Acting School, and Rose Bruford College. I will be starting at Rose Bruford College to train on their renowned Actor Musicianship course starting in September 2016 and I can’t wait!”


“I have known Ben since 2004. He was my first acting teacher and, I can honestly say, that he has been one of the best teachers that I have ever worked with, acting or otherwise.

Ben is a kind, patient teacher, who imparts his knowledge to his students in such a way that you know he cares very much about acting and performance. Equally importantly to me, was Ben’s encouragement to all his students to achieve as much as they could and enjoy the process at the same time. He always encouraged us to use our own skills and imagination to inform our choices – never just giving us all the answers!

I know that Ben’s teaching and guidance have helped me achieve the skills, experience and confidence to tackle such a daunting challenge and win through, and I shall always remember and be grateful for Ben’s inspiring teaching abilities.

My family and I have attended a number of productions Ben has performed in over the years. We particularly enjoyed Bens’ performances as Paris in Romeo and Juliet at Stratford, and also Cleante in The Miser at the Watermill Theatre Newbury. As an acting student it’s amazing to witness such high standards from such a versatile Actor, and he has inspired me (and I’m sure many others) to pursue a career in acting.

Ben is a great teacher, actor and role model for anybody wanting to go into the business.”


“To say that Ben has helped me get where I am today would be a massive understatement. I have had lessons from Ben helping me with my audition pieces for Drama Schools and with each lesson, each encounter and each conversation came new and exciting techniques that always gave me a new way of looking at a piece of text or a new way of approaching character.

Ben is a brilliant teacher. His passion, love and drive for what he does, for theatre and for acting are second only to his overwhelming selflessness and generosity. Not only does he know theatre, but he gets to know his students. Due to this you end up feeling completely comfortable and trusting him, which allows you to let go of your inhibitions and insecurities, something I am finding out at Drama School is key to being a good actor. As a result you end up experimenting, finding ways of delivering work you never thought of before and creating original and truthful work that is connected to you, not force fed to you.

I am studying at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, a school I have wanted to be at since I was 14. It took me two years to get in, the first year I didn’t have Ben helping me, and the second year I did. I am not saying that Ben’s private tuition was the only reason I managed to successfully audition at Mountview, however without the guidance both technically and personally I received from Ben, I believe I would not have been as confident and as assured in my performance which could have resulted in me not obtaining a place. Ben is a wonderful teacher with experience and knowledge that surpass any one I have met before as well as the rare talent to make you see the talent that you have inside of you. Throw in his great sense of humour and infectious work ethic and you have a winning combination, which results in these brilliant lessons. I have recommended Ben to many others and will continue to do so!”


“Ben helped me a great deal in becoming confident enough to audition for ALRA. He was relaxed and patient and offered helpful insight into the process of audition and the pieces themselves. I got in on my first ever audition. Thanks Ben you have helped me move forward in achieving my dreams”


“Ben coached me through my auditions for drama school. He was a huge help throughout the process, making me feel at ease & helped me find pieces that really suited me. He helped me to get to the heart of characters & the monologue, omitting any stereotypes. He helped me realise the meaning & objectives of the characters & find the realistic ways to portray them. His advice was invaluable & inspiring and I thank him for helping me to achieve my goal. :D”


“The lessons I had with Ben to help me get into professional colleges were fantastic. His attention to detail and brilliant direction meant that I was able to have monologues which suited me and were of high standard, meaning i could get into my desired colleges. Ben is an incredible teacher and without him I wouldn’t have got to where I am!”


“I have absolutely loved every one of my sessions with Ben and I feel I have learnt such a huge amount from him. He has a way of making everything that he teaches so interesting and exciting which has inspired me so much and been one of the reasons I have chosen to make acting a career choice. Even the most basic things I’ve learnt from him are so helpful and give me confidence when acting. I really look up to Ben as a performer and that’s why I feel he’s been such a big help to me when preparing my auditions pieces because I hugely value and trust his opinion. I feel like he knows my strengths and uses them to push me to my best ability as well as being realistic and honest about what needs improvement. Ben has been such a great role model and given me so much guidance and support over the past few months. I would without a doubt recommend Ben as a teacher as he is so professional, honest and very committed to all his students.”




“From my first lesson with Ben as we set out to choose and prepare 3 monologues for my LAMDA Grade 8 Acting, it became clear to me what a friendly, expert and professional tutor I was working with.

Always impeccably organised and energetic, each lesson is dynamic and practical with Ben. There is a minimum of sitting around talking, and plenty of playful experimentation which leads to rapid progress. Ben guides process and watches evolving performances with the sharpest of actor’s and director’s eyes, offering precise, non-judgemental and professionally informed advice. With every lesson, I leave feeling invigorated and confident that I understand what has changed and what there still is to work on – creating a framework for artistic excellence that is clear, which leaves a minimum of room for tension to arise.

Whatever piece or role it is that you want to work on, for whatever purpose – I cannot recommend the warm, versatile and thoroughly skilled guidance of Ben enough.”


“I got in touch with Ben regarding teaching my daughter LAMDA because she wasn’t really getting any drama in the sixth form and we both felt it was an important skill, particularly as the jobs she will be looking at in the future haven’t even been invented yet.  No one knows what skills they may need but creativity and presenting oneself will surely be key.

Ben clearly explained the LAMDA syllabus to us and the options available.  I was a little dubious about the lessons being online but I needn’t have worried.  My daughter loved the lessons, she chose the ‘public speaking’ syllabus and Ben gave us an extremely accurate assessment of how long it would take to cover the work in order to take the exam.

At all times he was helpful, informative and very professional.  He clearly knows his field and enabled my daughter to do her very best in the exam, resulting in a distinction!  

Clearly Ben is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend him.”


“Our son, Chris, has enjoyed Ben’s expert tutoring for the last three years, and to everyone’s delight has been awarded a Distinction at Grade 8 (Gold) Acting. As personable as he is professional, Ben is a first-class tutor, who is kind, encouraging and supportive. Chris always looked forward to his lessons, which were as productive as they were enjoyable, saying that Ben always knew exactly which areas to work on. The excellent result speaks for itself. It has been an absolute pleasure to have Ben in our home, and it would not be possible to recommend him more highly than we do.”


“Our family has had the pleasure of knowing Ben for many years. We have watched him perform on the stage as a professional actor, seen the fruits of his labours as a director and producer, and knew how he excelled as a teacher and mentor. When our son David needed to study for a LAMDA qualification to get into university, we employed Ben as his private LAMDA tutor and the result was a Distinction at Grade 8 (Gold) Acting and a much wanted university place. There is no doubt this was achieved through Ben’s constant hard work, support and encouragement aided by solid preparation work for the exam itself. Ben strives to get the very best out of a pupil, always going the extra mile and brings his first-class skills and experience gained in the theatre to his lessons. He is also an extremely kind, patient and understanding teacher who genuinely cares about his pupils. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ben as a private drama tutor and would happily provide additional positive feedback.”


“Ben has been teaching my daughter for nearly a year and the difference in her acting ability is astounding. He has an incredible way about him which enables him to draw out her performance and understanding of the character. Ben prepares her so thoroughly for her exams that she is confident and can perform to her best. More importantly, she really enjoys her lessons with Ben and he reignites her passion for drama.”


“After many years of my son having lessons with Ben I can safely say that he has a passion for both teaching and acting which is clear through his excellent lessons. My son looks forward to each LAMDA lesson with Ben and has made fantastic progress in his exams, which would not have been possible without Ben’s clear instruction and encouragement. Ben teaches my son with a genuine sincerity to do his best for him, gearing his lessons to bring out the skills without sacrificing the enjoyment! My son now loves acting and performing. If you are looking for a drama teacher for your child I would recommend Ben without any hesitation!”


“My 3 children have been having LAMDA lessons with Ben for over 5 years. They all look forward to their lessons and they have also found Ben invaluable with advice when it comes to auditions and career choices. Through doing lessons their confidence has improved. They have all achieved Distinctions, right through to Grade 8 and this is a large part due to excellent teaching. I would happily recommend Ben as a teacher.”


“Ben’s coaching style is effective and at the same time upbeat and enjoyable. I have found my lessons with Ben to be very engaging and at a pace which has allowed me to continue with developing my speaking skills whilst balancing it with other commitments, such as my GCSEs. I have not only achieved my LAMDA certifications but at the same time enhanced my confidence with my speaking and communication skills.”


“Ben has been teaching our son for several years. He is calm, friendly and approachable. He has taken time to get to know and understand Seth and to choose pieces for his LAMDA exams that really suit his personality and acting abilities, whilst also stretching him. Seth looks forward to his lessons with Ben and feels very comfortable with Ben’s teaching style and input. Ben is also well informed about the additional knowledge needed around the pieces to do well in the LAMDA exams. He prepares the students well for the exams, giving them confidence and skill in the exam room. Although the main focus for lessons for Seth has been about passing his exams, Ben’s teaching has improved his overall acting ability and approach to productions he has been in.”


“Ben has been teaching me for 3 years, both in a class of 10 and one on one. He has helped me achieve every grade up to grade 7, so far, with Distinction. With Ben you will get someone who is kind, committed and helpful. He is very focused on you as an individual, even in a group setting, by getting to know you and helping you to choose the best pieces for you so you can reach your potential. Ben has helped me grow as actor not only in LAMDA but also as an actor on stage. He helps you get to know each character you are playing so you understand the context, content and characteristics of each character, which has helped me in school drama classes as well as in LAMDA. Ben will make sure you are 100% prepared before the exam so that you feel confident and ready.”


“For anyone who is looking for help in LAMDA Exams then you are on the right page. Ben helped me achieve a Distinction in my Grade 8 (Gold) exam! Without Ben’s expert knowledge & understanding of preparation, I would have found the exam very difficult indeed. The one-one tuition is without doubt worth every penny, it allows a real depth to understanding and performing the speeches. I would recommend Ben 100% to anybody”


“My daughter has been taking LAMDA classes with Ben for about 2 years, originally in a group of other children and more recently on a one-to-one basis.  I honestly feel so lucky that Ben is teaching her.  She does have the option to take LAMDA classes closer to home but such is Ben’s expertise and warmth of character that she only wants to learn with him, and we feel the same.  As a working actor, we feel we are getting the ‘real deal’ with Ben – not someone just’ talking the talk’.  But even though he is involved in various productions at one point or another, he is always enthusiastic about teaching his pupils and making time for them.  I have always found Ben courteous and professional, and above all generous about passing on his obvious knowledge and skill.  I haven’t actually witnessed Ben teaching – I only have the evidence of it..and that is a young girl who has grown massively in her confidence and stagecraft and who has achieved high distinctions in all her LAMDA exams – a direct result of Ben’s excellent tutelage!”


“Ben is a great LAMDA teacher. He is able to help my daughter to choose speeches best suited to her that show her off to the best of her ability. He is able to help her in preparing for the exam at the highest level. He prepares her to answer the questions with confidence & detail. For every exam I am always sure that my daughter is well prepared to get high marks which she always does, achieving DISTINCTION in all of her exams so far.”


“Ben has a great, friendly approach to teaching LAMDA. He encourages me to think about  my characters rather than just telling me to act a certain way and he always listens to my opinions and values my input. His friendly approach makes me keen to do the necessary research and pushes me to the best of my ability!”